The Story


A word from Jureska

My passion is to design a beautiful sustainable collection that inspire and empower women. Making them feel comfortable and confident by wearing DonnaYara handbags that are ethically hand made. I believe that every woman, in every culture has the right to express themselves as they are, beautiful and one - of - kind. Their is nothing more precious to see women who dares to create their own style, dares to be different and authentic, own their voice and be successful in life. The message from DonnaYara to all women around the globe is to be Graceful, Remarkable and Passionate.

- Jureska Estachia

It all started

From a very young age, I had a passion for styling and design. During this early stage of my life, my granddad taught me how to draw and my mother taught me the ins-and-outs of sewing. Thanks to this foundation, I was convinced between age 16-18 that fashion and design would define my career path. With a clear vision in mind, I wanted to run my own fashion label that would make women feel beautiful, confident, and inspired to be who they are. 

The original plan was the create a ready-to-wear collection. But after visiting Italy I fell in love with everything about leather, especially vegetable tanned leather. I designed and handcrafted my first doctor bag for my mother’s birthday and posted it on Facebook. The bag received such a great response that it inspired me to start a sustainable, hand-crafted, leather bag line instead.

What’s in the name?

While I was searching for a unique name with a special meaning, my niece was born on October 20th. She was named Donna Yara Emma and at that moment, I knew her name would capture my brand with heart and soul. 

DonnaYara means, Donna( Lady) and Yara ( To Flow) as a stream of waters.