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DonnaYara Atelier

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Recycle . Reuse . Reduce

The Collection (how it is Made)

For now is part hand made in the Netherland and in Italy., but by 2020 our entire collection will be passionate handmade by our leather bag artisans in Tuscany.


Bags that are made in the Netherlands are only made when an order has been placed. Bags that are made in Italy, are made in a very limited quantities. Our final Sample collections we use for special promotion at the end of every season. The left overs are given away to family and friends as gifts, some are been saved for our future archive room.

Our Partners

our Leather

We strive to use natural, vegetable tanned leather. Leather that are left untreated, best quality for minimal environmental impact and with a pure, natural, unique finish wich feature variations in tone, texture and occasional markings. These are not defects but rather enhance the character of each individual bag. It will create its own remarkable story. For our collection that are made in The Netherlands, we purchase surplus leather from top class leather tanners in the Netherlands that will be throw away or burn. we gave them a second life. also our leather that we buy in Italy for our collection that is made in Italy, we buy we purchase surplus leather from top class workshops in Italy. we also collaborated with a small independent family-run tannery Myryam Tannery.



We take care of our bags and the environment at the same time! Our Eco Mailer boxes are made from ecological cardboard and have a black overprint. And Our Bio Poly Mailers are made of a corn-based compostable fibre that bears the 'OK Compost' certificate. It's 100% compostable and goes back into the ground where it once came.

The Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) Factory

Dust Bags

Our dust bags are made from GOTS certificated cotton. This cotton is organic and grown without any harmful pesticides or fertilizers, andThe GOTS certification give a guarantees fair trade conditions. EMA was established in 1977 and is recognized as a fair trade company by the World Fair Trade Organization. The workers at EMA are an amazing group of artisans, farmers, craftsmen and weavers who are passionate for producing various types of fair-trade products.

The handbag factory in Tuscany Leopolda


Part of our collection is brought to life in Tuscany. By Januari 2020 our entire collection will be handed over to Artisians in italy. We have collaborator with a an amazing trust wordy Italian artisans. A family-owned factory that is innovative and who has a great attention to detail, refined throughout 28 years of experience.


Giving back

September 17th we will launch our giving back program that is very close to Jureska’s heart called Beauty for Ashes and Leading for Impact University both non profit projects. 10% of our sales goes to both projects, helping young adults pursue their dreams and own their voice for purpose.